Parent Education Programs


5-Week Positive Parenting Program: K-4th grade

Week 1:  Vision, Leadership, Youth Culture, Parenting Styles, Letting Go, Struggle,

                Self-Esteem, Praise/Recognition

Week 2:  Responsibility, Discipline

Week 3:  Respect, Discipline (part 2)

Week 4:  Problem Ownership & Communication

Week 5:  Problem Ownership &Communication (part 2) Sibling Rivalry, Friend Issues

6-Week Positive Parenting Program:  Grades 5 and up

Weeks 1-5, Same topics as above, modified for pre-teens and teens

Week 6:  Raising a Drug Free Child; Addressing Sexuality with your Children

4-Week “Before They Know It All”: Addressing Sexuality; Grades 4 and up

Week 1:  Establishing a Philosophy, Media, Teen Attitudes and Behavior

Week 2:  Socialization of Boys and Girls, Communication,

Week 3:  Friendship, Boundaries, Modesty, Privacy Issues, Dating, Dating Violence

Week 4:  Relationships, Love, Preventative Factors for Early Sexual Activity, Risk            

                 Factors for Early Sexual Activity

5-Week Coach Your Teen to Success: Grades 6 and up

Using Barbara McRae’s book by the same name and workbook activities, participants have weekly reading and workbook assignments