What others have said about Alan’s Program


“Thanks for a wonderful class!  I think the beautiful thing about you is that you have high standards without being rigid and inflexible, never sweating the small stuff.  Makes it a whole lot easier to be a successful parent with successful kids.  My relationship with both of my kids has improved more than I could ever quantify.”


“My thanks go to you.  It is so evident that you do this because you love it and want to help parents.  You provide a wonderful service and do it with warmth and TLC.  Thank you.”


“I have been reading the e-mails you send us during the week with great interest!  Thank you so much for taking the time to impart your wisdom.  This series has been great, giving us tools to improve.”


“I used the ‘let me think about it’ technique that I learned from you as I was assaulted with a barrage of accusations of being the meanest, most out of touch parent.  The technique allowed me to cool down and stand my ground.”


“I respect you so much as a parent coach educator.  We all have issues we face as parents--wishing we knew how to best handle a situation, to really give our child the best guidance.  No matter how young or old my children are, I always learn from what you have to offer.”                                                                                                           


“Thank you so much for having this seminar.  My husband and I have stayed up discussing things that you presented and we don’t even know where the time went.  Some things you say make such common sense, but are not the natural reaction that occurs in parenting.”


“I truly appreciate your class.  I have a hard time with your advice, even though I KNOW it is right.”